6 days and counting

Until Kenna’s birthday party that is. Her actual birthday isn’t until Wednesday (8.18) but because of other things going on we decided to have her party the weekend before. I have almost everything we need (I think). I’ve decided to make snowy owl cupcakes (red velvet with cream cheese icing) and brown owls (white cupcakes with sprinkles inside and chocolate icing). I got her a ton of clothes, including a pair of skate shoes. I figured most people would opt for toys rather than clothes, and she doesn’t need either too badly.

I still need to get some bottled water (for the adults) and I’m not sure what I’ll get for the kids. I need some banana nerds, and I need to figure out the design of her smash cake. I need to get some decorator icing tips too. Otherwise I’m all done with the birthday supplies!

I was talking to Zach the other day and he started with asking how Kenna was, then how I was (I had a really nasty stomach bug). Then he told me that his girlfriend has told him to pack. She’s just about done with a training she’s at which is across the country. Because of this training, and the promotion that goes with it, they have two options. Get married, or break up. She has apparently chosen to break up. And can’t have a conversation with Zach without talking about sex of course. Well, yesterday I realized that we can’t keep playing games. Kenna recognizes his picture now. I always knew we would get to the point that we would have to stop, I just hadn’t known it got to that point already. He can’t come stay the night when I get my place, Kenna would know. She doesn’t need that confusion.


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