Bad Day

I am having a bad day already and it’s only 10 AM.

I have a bug bite or rash of some sort right next to and on my eyelid. So yeah, one eye is swollen.

Woke up to my mom posting on FB that “two lab mixes need a home!”. Both dogs are MINE not hers, and it pisses me off that she would advertise my dogs away. Not her place.

Found out that my gmail account was hacked.

Got an email that I was a former employee at a company I applied at and was not eligible for rehire. Not true. After a minor panic attack that my identity had been stolen and they weren’t even considerate enough to send me the checks, I am headed to HR to finish the application process.

Found a house that I may be able to get into. It’s only $550 a month and $550 to move in. I’m hoping and praying we are able to get the money together. It’s smaller than I’d like but I don’t care right now. Less space means less furniture needed to fill it with right?

I need A LOT of thoughts and prayers right now.


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