First Place Finish

The following is a review for a sex toy. It may not be appropriate for all viewers. You have been warned.
I recently reviewed the Blueberry Buzz for Babeland. It’s amazing looks are what first got my attention. The curves are amazing. It’s a very attractive toy, and the reviews are great. It’s blue (obviously), has some rockin curves, and is made of hard plastic. I’ve never used a hard plastic toy before but because of the great reviews I decided to give it a try.

The dimensions were great (6″ x 1″), particularly because I like and need a longer toy. It was pretty quiet, but still was very powerful. It has a variable speed control at it’s base, and runs on two AA batteries (not included). This toy is completely waterproof which is an awesome plus for water play. The Blueberry Buzz hit the spot for sure, however I did discover that hard plastic is not necessarily my material of choice. I never realized how much I enjoy a toy to be pliable, and because this toy was not going to conform to my shape at all, it was very uncomfortable until I played around with it some more and added lube. The curves were great, and probably the best aspect of the toy. Once I figured out the best way to use it with me, it was amazing. This is definitely my new favorite, it has given me the best orgasms I’ve had from a toy in quite some time!

I received the Blueberry Buzz at no charge from Babeland in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% honest and my own.


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