Naughty Bedroom Dice

The following is a review of a product of an adult nature and is intended for readers over the age of 18. Proceed with caution.

I have always, always, wanted a set of bedroom dice. Something has just always appealed to me about them. So perfect timing when they came available for me to review the week before Jay came home on leave. Not to mention, I wanted a few more ways to keep things interesting with us. After three years you get to know a person’s patterns and habits in the bedroom, and even though we’d been apart for quite awhile, I didn’t want us to fall back into old routines.

The Naughty Bedroom Dice come in a discreet black velveteen pouch. They are larger in size than usual dice to allow for legible words, and are a weighted aluminum. The edges and corners are a bit sharp, and may scratch a soft wood surface. One di has a location (lips, chest, neck, toes, below waist or you choose) the other is a command (kiss, rub, blow, grind, lick, suck). Overall the dice and pouch are very sleek and sexy (who knew dice could be sexy?). They are great for mixing it up when you need some inspiration, or to get in the mood. As long as someone doesn’t roll the Grind Neck combination, that is.

I received this product for free from Babeland in exchange for this review. All opinions and experiences are 100% mine.


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