Twinkle Me Pink

The following is a review for a product of an adult nature. It is intended for readers over the age of 18. Proceed with caution.

The Twinkle Me Pink Bustier set by Coquette was chosen for me by Jay. I decided to give him the chance to pick something he would like to see me in. I trusted his judgement, and thought it looked cute enough so I sent off the order and eagerly awaited it’s arrival.

This piece features lightly padded cups which include an underwire, something I was very excited about since the girls could use a boost every now and again. The bust area is decorated with pink sequins, which makes for a nice look. The entire bodice is stretchy, with the front and back a sheer mesh and the sides a black lycra. There is wire boning throughout, and a satin ribbon lace up decoration on the back. It also includes a matching G-string. Upon first impression the outfit is very pretty, almost elegant. I was excited to give it a whirl.

This product was a massive failure. Firstly, because it does not have any sort of closure, you have to pull it on and off as if it were a t-shirt. But imagine for a second doing that with a snug fitting t-shirt that included wire boning. It’s quite the feat. Secondly, it was not flattering to my figure in the least bit. The bust did not lift or support my breasts. The worst part about it for me had to be that because of it’s shape, it essentially pointed to and completely exposed the stomach/love handle region. This is the exact reason I typically love corsets and bustiers. I prefer to keep it covered, and the combination of wire boning and lace up closures allow me to pretend I have the tiny waist I want. Which leads me to my next point, the ribbon lace up is purely for decoration, do not expect it to function as it normally would. Lastly, the straps are awkward, had I enjoyed wearing it I would have cut them off.

I was intensely disappointed. I love my other piece by Coquette and was very hopeful about this one. In the end, Jay didn’t even see me in it because <b>I</b> was too uncomfortable in it and felt more secure aunaturale.

<i>I received this product from <a href=””>Eden Fantasys</a> for free in exchange for my 100% honest review. This is completely my personal experience and opinion on the product.</i>


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