The Next 30 Days

I decided to try out a meme. I’ve tried to do them a few times and I usually lose interest. Hopefully I can finish this one since I really like the different topics. So for the next month I will be following the meme as well as my usual reviews and occasional updates about life in general.

Speaking of that life I suppose I could do a little update. To be honest there just isn’t a whole lot to say. Things with Jay are rough, and that’s putting it lightly. I’m not sure that we can or will come through this. Zach is going to deploy in February. And he wants to potentially reconcile. Right now I’m just trying to focus on one thing and that’s me. Enrollment at the community college for the spring starts soon and that is something I’m very excited about. Kenna is now walking, starting to talk more, and she’s starting to show signs that she’s ready to potty train. Just taking things one step at a time.


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