Food…my enemy

Kind of funny that the prompt calls for a description of what I ate today, because yesterday I joined the myfitnesspal (or buddy? I can’t remember) that everyone has been into lately. I’m making a concentrated effort to improve my mental state, and as a result my life will improve as well. I figure healthy food and some good old fashioned exercise is a start.

So, what have I eaten today? A cup of coffee (skim milk and heavily sugared) and about 1 cup of corn chex (also skim milk). It is now lunchtime, and will probably have a cheese sandwich. Dinner is a mystery. I’m ‘allowed’ 1530 calories a day, I’m predicting the real challenge will be increasing my calories, since I’m so horrible at having an appetite.

Also, I get internet this week! No more posting to fb, twitter, forums, or wp via crappy mobile web! Huzzah!


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