Pretending to Care

I remember in 2001 after 9/11 there was a sudden increase in patriotism. It was even discussed on the news that it was “trendy” to be patriotic. If you didn’t fly Old Glory you might as well have been one of those damn terrorists.

In 2010 we have Facebook and Twitter and Tumblr. With the simple click of a mouse and a few seconds of typing you can boast your support of a variety of causes a variety of ways. It’s almost a status symbol at this point. Peer pressure has taken on a whole new form.

Let’s face it, unless you actually donate to a 501c charity, or go out in your community and help, your little “awareness” games don’t do shit. You are doing nothing but playing a game and keeping up with the trends. You say you care about child abuse, breast cancer, testicular cancer, animal abuse, diabetes, or whatever? Here’s what you do. Stand up, walk out your door, seek out a local authority for your cause and see how you can help.


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