It’s That Time of Year

Earlier today I got my Christmas card from Dez, so begins this time of year. I LOVE getting Christmas cards (if you want one from me this year be sure to get your address to me). This year I think I’ll be getting mine from Shutterfly. They have a few really cute designs, and I will have no shortage of pictures of Kenna to put on there.

Actually, I might buy a few other things while I’m on there. Last year we ordered a mug with a picture of a screaming three month old Kenna. (It’s actually really cute, I swear). Of course I’ve considered going the more traditional route and just sending out regular Christmas cards as well. I never sent out a single Christmas card until I had Kenna. But now I send them to everyone. No one sees me, but show me one person who doesn’t like to see a smiling chubby baby face!


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