My Pet Pet Peeve

This isn’t going to come out nicely at all, so if you’re easily offended please leave now.

I’ve ranted about this before on my domain. It’s a big freaking deal. Letting your dog or cat have one heat has no effect on their personality or maturity at all. In fact letting them experience this first heat makes them more likely to develop mammary cancer later in life. This cancer is potentially fatal, and while treatment is highly effective when caught early, it is expensive.

The same goes for letting them have one litter, or cover one female. Your dog or cat will not “miss” having a litter. They will know no different. They aren’t humans, they experience no grief when having their reproductive organs removed like humans. Anthropomorphism is a slippery slope, and can be a highly dangerous one. Let me make this clear. YOUR ANIMAL IS NOT A HUMAN. We have no proof that when they greet your with a wagging tail, or curl up in your lap, they are exhibiting “love”. Or that when they chew up your favorite shoes, shred your curtains, or poop in the house, they are being vindictive for a punishment you gave them earlier.

When you breed your pet, knowingly or by “accident”, you are potentially killing puppies and kittens that never needed to exist. When the pups or kittens from your “one litter” end up in shelters, they’re killing the older dogs in that shelter. It’s a known fact that when people adopt animals they want babies. The adults are less desired and have a hard enough time being adopted without having to compete with your cute fluffy little babies in the next cage over.

So, spay and neuter. Your ignorance kills.


3 responses to this post.

  1. Not to mention the age old excuse of “what if I want to breed later in life?”. You never will. Get them fixed NOW.

    Oh and, “I can’t afford to spay/neuter” Then you don’t need a fucking pet period.

    I’m happy to report that all of my pets, save Lydia (the cat who lives with MILly. We sent money to have her fixed and well… that money did not end up going to that.) are fixed and have been as soon as they were old enough. Best choice I made.


    • OH I forgot the “I can’t afford it” excuse. That drives me nuts. Same with people on CL complaining about rehoming fees being expensive. If you can’t afford the initial cost, you have no business owning ANY pet. What if there’s an accident and the animal gets hurt? What if they suddenly become very ill? If you can’t afford medical care, don’t get a fucking animal.


  2. YES. I totally agree.


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